New Skin Care, WHO DIS?

In the spirit of self-care summer, let’s talk skincare for a minute. And because we’re ALWAYS in the spirit of defiantly thrive, let’s talk about how to care for your skin like a renegade. Renegades are busy af. We run families, companies, websites, blogs…pretty much, the world. We don’t want to waste money on junk, Read more about New Skin Care, WHO DIS?[…]

Image Isn’t Everything. But Identity Is.

Image isn’t everything. Although try telling that to one of the Kardashians who has built an empire on image alone. I’m sure KKW would argue that there’s a certain creative talent and skill to crafting such an image, which would make it more of an art (subjective) than a science (objective). And to an artist, Read more about Image Isn’t Everything. But Identity Is.[…]

BLOG 2.0 – Manifesto

Welcome to Blog 2.0, betches! Still renegade, still confessing, and still anti-everything-corporate, but this time, I’m going freestyle. Why? Because overanalyzing and overthinking are the enemies of creation. I believe the Lord Almighty would back me up on this. Can you imagine if he had sat around thinking, “Ya know, I’m just not sure if Read more about BLOG 2.0 – Manifesto[…]