October 11, 2017




So….what’s the purpose?

The primary mission of The Renegade Group is to help you DEFIANTLY THRIVE.
The secondary mission is to help you help others DEFIANTLY THRIVE.
Because individually, we are strong. But collectively, we are STRONGER.

So…why the name?

The Renegade Group is both a one-woman show, and a community. An oxymoron? Not quite. The community is made up of clients, retail customers, local small business owners with whom we may contract, investors who lend their support to renegade ventures, and of course, loyal family and friends who encourage and support at every level. Together, we build stuff; mainly dreams, businesses, and relationships. And while we’re at it, we have a little fun…because when you work at what you love, it’s impossible not to.

So….what do we value?

  • Growth and success of the individual
  • Uninhibited creativity
  • Authenticity
  • Freedom of thought and expression
  • Genuine relationships
  • Work that is both enjoyable and profitable

So…what are we not cool with?

  • Corporate culture
  • Conformity out of fear
  • Excuses
  • Zombie apocalypse
  • Taking yourself too seriously

So….who’s in charge around here?

Amanda Russo
Founder, Creator-in-Chief

I founded this company in 2017 after retiring from a career in the wacky world of finance. I had a good run, but corporate culture was never a good fit for my tattoos, eff bombs, or general distaste for conformity. So after 12 years of helping the rich get richer, I decided to take my bag of tricks over to the renegade creatives and entrepreneurs. Why should the big dogs hoard all the resources? I founded The Renegade Group to support career transitioners, creative minds, and small business owners.  Basically, idea people are our people.  Bring us a dream, and together we’ll create a plan to make it a reality.

Why am I qualified to do this, you ask? Fair question.  Since I despise long-winded, hyper-inflated bios, I’ll just highlight some of my best street cred. If you’re interested in more, I’ll happily dust off my resume, references, work samples, and other relics from my past corporate life if you need some light bedtime reading.

I graduated summa cum laude from Southern IL University Edwardsville with a BS in Economics & Finance. Delivered the commencement address at graduation, with the theme of “overcoming obstacles”. Didn’t get booed off stage, so I take that to mean I did an ok job.

I entertained the prospect of becoming a lifelong student after completing a semester of grad school in International Finance, but was recruited back to the private sector by an offer I couldn’t refuse. 

That offer led to my working for several big name investment management companies doing industry research, financial modeling and forecasting, picking the brains of bazillionaire CFOs and CEOs, enforcing compliance regulations, writing and editing marketing material, and learning how to hold my ground with people who had 10x the money and influence that I had.

My interest in entrepreneurship came from launching a successful ebay business during college, and then eventually selling jewelry, skincare, and makeup for several MLMs (alongside my full-time day job).  After realizing that entrepreneurs were my kindred spirits, I applied and was accepted to Pepperdine’s graduate program in entrepreneurship.  However, once again, my renegade instincts kicked in and I decided to invest my hard earned money in actually BECOMING an entrepreneur, rather than just reading about it in books.

I’ve taken on some interesting and diverse contract work over the years, including business development for both a construction company and a private equity fund, which were very much alike except not at all.

For fun and social activism, I volunteered for several years as a Career Coach for a local non-profit, where I assisted vets, paroles, and rehabilitated addicts with resume overhauls, career counseling, interview skills, and self-esteem building. To date, it remains the most fulfilling work I have ever been privileged to do.

Want to stalk me online and learn more?

It’s cool, I’d do that before I trusted anyone with my money also.

Here are the portals to my public private life: